Jobs Abroad: Good News! Canada Has More Than 10 Lakh Vacancies In Multiple Sectors

Jobs Abroad: Good News! Canada Has More Than 10 Lakh Vacancies In Multiple Sectors

Canada as a nation offers a wide range of jobs for immigrants in various sectors. It is one of the most immigrant-friendly nations. Most importantly, it's the destination for many youngsters looking to build careers.

Canada is also a beautiful place to work, study, and travel. There is a need for skilled individuals at all levels, which is why there are jobs in Canada.


Cause of job openings in Canada

The Labour Force Survey for May 2022 indicates a growing labour shortage in many industries and increased demand for immigration to Canada as the country's workforce ages and retires. This, in turn, is leading to a high job vacancy rate.

Canada is preparing to welcome its most significant number of permanent residents in 2022. The target is 4.3 lakh. By 2024, the target would have risen to over 4.5 lakh. There were 1.1 unemployed people in Alberta and Ontario for every open position in April, down from 1.2 in March and 2.4 a year earlier.

In such a scenario, where unemployment is low, and job openings are plentiful, immigrants have the chance to fill open positions. Therefore, this could be an excellent opportunity for you if you want to use Express Entry to apply for permanent residency in Canada. According to another survey, there are more available posts now than ever in certain states. There were roughly four unemployed people for every vacant position in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Job Vacancies in Canada

Professional, scientific, and technical services, transportation and warehousing, finance and insurance, leisure and recreation, and real estate all saw record-high vacancies.

Also, vacancies in the construction industry hit a record high of 89,900 in April, up nearly 45 per cent from the same month last year and up 5.4 per cent from March. In May, there were 1.61 lakh open positions in the lodging and food services sector in Nova Scotia and Manitoba, with job vacancy rates of over 10 per cent.

For the 13th consecutive month, accommodation and food services have had the highest vacancies. Because fewer people are eager to enter the workforce and more people over 55 leave it, Canada's labour market has dropped dramatically this year.


List of jobs in Canada and sectors that need people:

Software Engineers

Canada's tech sector provides jobs for just about 1 million people in Canada, with cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa ranking in the top 20 cities for emerging tech talent in North America. Artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and software development dominate Canada's tech labour market. As a software engineer, the best provinces to live and work in Canada would be British Columbia and Alberta. Both indicate software engineer positions as an in-demand profession under provincial nominee programs.

Farm Supervisor

This sector supplies over 2.3 million jobs in Canada, yet the need to fill more positions continues to increase. Programs like the Agri-food Pilot, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, and several PNP streams are great options, granting applications for permanent residency in Canada, which means you do not need a Canadian work visa. However, you must apply for a work permit in your temporary position.

Web Designers

Canada has recognized the need for qualified tech professionals. Therefore, it has created several pathways to finding employment in Canada. Routes like the Global Talent Stream permit fast-tracked work visa processing for specialized professions and highly qualified talent.

Immigration options include the British Columbia Tech Pilot program and the popular Express Entry.

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering is another profession that is very much in demand in Canada. You would not only stand to earn good pay in addition, but applicants will also enjoy the high quality of life available in Canada as permanent residents, with benefits like free healthcare and education for their dependents.

Civil Engineering is one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada in 2021. Their average salary currently stands at $66,843–$102,000 per annum. They are very much in demand in provinces like New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

Oil and Gas Drillers

Oil and gas drillers earn between $67,394 and $103,594 annually. Natural resources are abundant in Canada, with the mining sector providing over 1.7 million jobs for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and skilled foreign workers, which creates more job opportunities for drillers. Canada exports energy resources to 148 countries worldwide and has the fourth-largest oil reserves. Oil and gas drillers are especially in high demand in Ontario and British Columbia.


Being outside, working with your hands and making things grow is all part of being a landscaper. The only downside is that it's hard to be a landscaper if you have allergies to dust, grass and pollen. If not, this job offers relatively good pay. The average annual salary would be up to $71,500 per year.


Visa and Work Permit

There are various ways to get a Canada work visa. The most common type is the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP), which will grant you a temporary license to be employed in Canada. Further down the line, with enough work experience in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency, and you will no longer require a work permit to be employed in Canada.


There are two types of work permits you can get:

1. An open work permit and an employer-specific work permit. Many employers will assist you with applying for a work permit, but some will require you to have one already. It allows you to work anywhere in Canada for any employer within the legal limits defined by federal law.

2. An employer-specific work permit will restrict your employment to a particular employer or employer if you have more than one job. Your work permit will state where you can work geographically and who your employer is. If you want to change this condition, you must apply for it.

Consultants would guide individuals and help in the various application stages. An experienced Canada Immigration Consultant can help applicants with sponsorship. The visa process and application are more likely to be fast-tracked. Their goal is to approve successful applicants within weeks.

A visa application is a very systematic process. Knowledge about the documents required to be filed is vital for a successful application. Visa consultants have expertise in processing these documents as they would have done the same for several prior applicants.