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Within the first half of this year, nearly 144,500 new permanent residents were acquired in Canada. With this number in perspective, it is easy to see that many individuals are immigrating to and many more are interested in Canada Immigration.

Canada Immigration is a long process and not everyone is able to achieve it. Candidates with college/university degrees (if not at least post-secondary education which is then assessed according to the credentials of Canadian standards), moderate proficiency in English/French (i.e. should have a minimum CLB for Canadian Language Benchmark achieved), skilled work experience (a minimum of one year continuous and full-time work experience), etc. are eligible apply for Canada immigration. With these requirements, individuals can apply for Express Entry in Canada as skilled workers. The candidates will accordingly apply for a visa. And if the visa is approved, they can immigrate to Canada. It begins with the applicant submitting their profile with Completed Language test results, assessment reports of their educational credentials, and of course a travel document/passport. Upon approval of all these documents for the profile, the candidate can get an invitation to apply for permanent residence. The candidate will then have to provide a number or reference letter, identity documents, medical as well as police clearance certificate, etc.

Similarly, Students who wish to get their education in Canada too wish to apply for Canadian Immigration Visa. Such students also need to get their Visa approved. They require a number of documents including an acceptance letter form the university they have applied to, all the academic documents including the receipt of the Tuition fee payment, the proof that they have enough funds to finance their studies, results of the English proficiency test score, required medical examination proof & certificate, a valid passport, etc. Again, simply having the eligibility and necessary documents does not make it confirm that the student/work visa will achieve approval. Also, the process is complicated and this is where immigration consultants come in handy.

Canada Immigration Consultant

Canada Immigration is a Certified Canada Immigration Consultant. Regulated by the Regulatory Council for Immigration Consultants of Canada, we follow all the set guidelines and are able to provide the consumers/clients the best services while better protecting them.

With us, clients can increase their chances of getting their visas approved as we help with all the applications, paperwork, proofreading, etc. for immigration. We even prepare them for interviews with visa officers. We have competent immigration professionals affiliated with us who help clients with all kinds of immigration needs such as student immigration, temporary residency, working, refugee claims, family sponsorship, etc.


Become A Trusted Partner With Canada Immigration Agency


Over the past few years, we have been growing our network very fast. We have built for us a positive corporate image and have been working for Canada Immigration clients at all levels. To achieve this feat, we are all focused on increasing our branches as well as franchisees and are accordingly endorsing ourselves.

If you are looking to have a genuine business of your own, come, join us as our franchise. We are establishing franchises to create a network of business relationships – those that are interdependent and mutually advantageous. As our franchisee, you shall be our partners in our business ventures. If you are newly setting up a business, we’ll provide you with the needed market expertise and you’ll gain huge networking. Over the course of time, we’ll be mutually benefited. On the other hand, if you are already into businesses, franchising with us will get you into this lucrative business of immigration consulting.

Understand that we are looking only for genuine businesses with whom we can carry out long-term relationships. Thus, as our franchisee, you’ll be our active partners. And once you prove your credentials we look forward to growing with you – benefitting both you as well as ourselves as one entity.

We are actively seeking businesses who can associate with us as our franchisee, our partners and work to meet our criteria. What awaits you, in turn, are lucrative compensations & great liberal packages. Sounds interesting enough? Then what are you waiting for? Apply to Become a partner with Canada immigration consultant. We’ll take a look at your application, review it, and get back to you at the earliest.

But wait. There’s a catch. As our prospective clients, we have some requirements of you – not too much, just a few that will assure us that you can work well as our partners. So, here’s a list of what we expect our partners to have.

What Requirements Do We Have For Our Partners?

  • A proper infrastructure i.e. a physical office space, preferably more than 500 sq. ft. & in a rather prime location. Other infrastructure requirements include telephone, fa, computer, and importantly – all-time internet access.
  • Being able to invest money in advertising and conducting seminars, workshops, etc – in which our associates will be presenting for you.
  • Finally, you’ll also be required to have a staff of a marketing representative – working full-time – who has good communication skills and is fluent in English too. These skills are expected and required as that person shall be communicating with clients and taking a follow-up on acquired leads.
Are you able to provide all the above-mentioned requirements needed to become our partner? Then welcome on board! We are really looking forward to partnering with you. Contact us and apply to become our partner at Canada Immigration Today!

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