2021 Canadian Immigration Forecast

2021 Canadian Immigration Forecast

Immigration as a process is affected by a multiplicity of factors ranging from political ties, international politics but most of immigration policies of that particular country. As a country Canada is one of the most immigration friendly countries for Indians making it easier for international students and workers to shift to Canada and benefit from their policies.

As per Pavan Dillon, Canadian Immigration is the combination of work authorization and the Canadian credential that is key, as far as Express Entry is concerned. Obtaining Canadian work experience is where the greater benefit tends to be for the majority of applicants seeking permanent resident status, rather than the study permit on its own.”

According an article in the times of India dated 2021, ‘Analysis done by it shows that Canada received almost 175,000 study permit applications from Indian students in 2019. This was an all-time high and it represented more than 170% growth in just three years. The Covid-19 pandemic took a big bite out of those numbers, with just over 75,000 applications submitted last year.’

Immigration level plans 2021-2023

While both these point out to the steady inflow of foreign notational and especially we cannot undermine the efforts made by the Canadian government to supplement the process of Canada immigration 2021.The government is constantly working towards new programs and policies which help the entry of immigrants under various programs from getting sponsored by their relatives to obtaining work visas. The indelible efforts made by the government are also reflected in its newest immigration level plans (2021-2023) .The new plan aims to welcome 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, 411,000 in 2022, and 421,000 in 2023.

As per the official website, ‘The Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration provides the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship with the opportunity to inform Parliament and Canadians of key highlights and related information on immigration to Canada.’ This report sheds light on the successes of the Canada immigration process apart from being a mandate under IRPA.

The report sets out information and statistical details regarding temporary resident volumes and permanent resident admissions in the country of. It also sets out to define the permanent resident admissions Canada will intake. Additionally, this report provides the context for immigration and later also studies the various aspects of the immigrant population such as gender and diversity.

As a matter of fact, ‘While the 2020 Annual Report to Parliament on Immigration focuses on immigration results that were achieved in 2019, publication takes place in the following calendar year to allow Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) the opportunity to obtain final information from the preceding calendar year.’

About the data

There are various facts and figures published under this report in annexure 2 an 3.’Data in this report that were derived from IRCC sources may differ from those reported in other publications; these differences reflect typical adjustments to IRCC’s administrative data files over timeClaimed the official website. As the data in this report are taken from a single point in time, it is expected that they will change slightly as additional information becomes available.’

Why immigration is important to Canada?

For over a century, immigration has been a skill to aid population, economic, and cultural boom in Canada. Millions of eligible human beings from round the world have chosen to live in Canada and make it their new home. Whether searching for higher financial opportunities, reuniting with household members, or looking for safety as resettled refugees, newbies to Canada have been a predominant in number due its jobs and attractive lifestyles.

Along with these who migrate to Canada permanently, many men and women come to Canada to remain temporarily, whether or not as a visitor, gain global experience or to become a brief overseas worker.

Regardless of their pathway into Canada, they all make a contribution in a significant way to Canada’s economy, aid the success and boom of a number industries, and make contributions to Canada’s variety and multiculturalism. Immigration to Canada has also helped more immigrants to go to the US after. The Canada that the world sees nowadays – a numerous society with robust financial and social foundations, and with persisted practicable continues to improve itself.

Benefits of immigration to Canada

To promote the feeling of being protected and safe , the Canadian authorities ensures the security of its residents via distinct measures, the crime rate in Canada is very low in contrast to different developed countries,

of the measures which the authorities has introduced  is the introduction of the Public Safety branch in Canada which was created in the year 2003 to make surecoordinationthroughout all federal departments, who are accountablefor countrywide safety and security of Canadians.

1. The range of immigration pathways is a proof of the country’s pro-immigration policies, as the immigration regulations in Canada are lenient and provides a way for many possibilities for foreigners to make Canada their home.

2. The Social benefits to immigrants in Canada areamong the great in the world, as the authorities gives many advantages like that of employment insurance, pensions, housing benefits, training, and disabilities reliefs.

3. The education system in Canada is amongst the best in the world, there are many worldly recognized universities and schools which are praised for the top-level schooling opportunities that they offer.

4. The Government of Canada gives many offerings and incentives to buyers who are planning to set up a commercial enterprise in Canada, via specific taxation applications and customized services.


Therefore Canada as a country majorly benefits from the immigration population. To know more details and specifications about Canada immigration 2021, you should search for Canada immigration consultants near me so that they can provide you with reliable information. Canada consultancy services are experts in the matter as they provide consultancy services via a fee for their research and assistance.