5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration regulations have been increasingly rigorous in recent years, particularly for non-citizens wishing to move to the U.S.; Anyone interested in starting the process should employ a skilled immigration lawyer to guide them through all the intricacies of immigration law. Dealing with an immigration attorney or lawyer, though not required, is a fantastic choice if you want expert advice on your application or simply want to relieve stress by having someone else to do the legwork for you. But be cautious! 


One of the most important events in your life could be the submission of your immigration application. If you decide to engage an expert to assist you, make sure you choose somebody you can trust. Immigration fraud, unfortunately, is a real concern to potential immigrants.


Below are five of the most essential questions you may consider asking before hiring an Immigration Lawyer:


1. Costing for the Services they are providing?


Although this may appear to be a petty issue to ask an attorney, it is frequently the deciding element in whether or not you will proceed. As much as people want the best and are willing and able to pay for it, the truth however is the fact that when it comes to this issue of immigration, you may not have enough slush funds to pay your way into the system.


Furthermore, the experienced NYC immigration officials at Lightman Law Firm believe that all these programs should be delivered in an open, honest, and cost-effective manner to assist individuals who require assistance.  To understand better if you wish to proceed, you need to learn how they operate and what their fees are, obtaining multiple quotations from law firms in the location you wish to relocate to is the best option.


2. What qualifications do you have, and how long have you been practising?


Lawyers must have completed law school and be members of their provincial bar organisation in good standing. Inquire about your immigration lawyer's education and conduct additional investigation on the school to ensure it is reputable. On the website of the province's bar association, you can see if the lawyer you're conversing with is in good standing.


While all lawyers receive extensive training in Canadian law, decades of expertise can make a significant difference in an immigration lawyer's ability to represent you. Inquire about your lawyer's experience practising Canadian immigration law.


3. What is your RCIC number or listing with the provincial bar association?


To act as an immigration attorney or lawyer in Canada, all paid immigration advocates must have the appropriate licence. You should not cooperate with a representative who cannot demonstrate that they also have the proper credentials.


Consultants who are regulated by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (RCIC) must have a valid RCIC number to demonstrate that they are in good standing with the College (CICC). Get the RCIC number for your Canada Immigration Consultant and check their status on this page. Lawyers in Canada are governed by their respective provincial and federal bar associations. Before you enter into a contract or pay any money, ask your lawyer to send you a hyperlink to their listing.


4. What Are The Different Types Of Communication Channels?


Communication is critical when dealing with situations like Immigration. As a result, you should decide how and when you will communicate with one another. The very last thing you want is to keep nagging your lawyer with inquiries all day and night. Your case will only be slowed as a result of this. Nonetheless, you should make sure that your attorney keeps in touch with you and keeps you informed at every stage of the process. Both parties will be satisfied, and everyone will be aware of what is going on. It's indeed up to both of you to decide on the actual communication routes. 


Some law companies require that all correspondence be sent via the internet, while others are more liberal about receiving phone conversations.You should be aware that immigration system is a complex beast that can only be handled by the greatest lawyers. As a result, you'll profit by asking these questions if you want to get the best service and have the best chance of succeeding.


5. What is the duration of our retainer/contract? Is it applicable to the full immigration procedure or just a portion of it?


Make sure you understand how long your retainer engagement letter will run in comparison to the declared or anticipated processing period of your chosen immigration programme before signing it.


If you apply under the spousal partnership channel of family class immigration, for example, your application would most certainly take a year or more to process from the time it is submitted. Something is wrong if your attorney retainer only lasts six months.


Immigrant Visa, Professional -Tip: Some litigators and professionals will incur you one fee for creating one‟s Express Entry profile and another fee for submitting one's application after receiving your ITA. Check to see if your contract covers everything.  Also, think about creating your Immigrant Visa through an Express Entry pass on your own; it's doable!