Immigrating is always a big undertaking, even in a culture that welcomes immigrants like how the country Canada does. You are uprooting your entire life as well as building a new home in a place that has different customs. Not only this,there would possibly be a different language than what you are used to. This is why, the more support you have during this transition, the easier and smoother the entire immigration process will be. So here are six things that you should know about Working in Canada .

5 Things You Should Know about working in Canada:

1. Tech jobs are in high demandin Canada

Canada's tech sector is making a very huge strides as there are over 41,500 companies to choose from. You can find work in Canada in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector at a large scale. Tech jobs in this country are very much in demand. It is so much in demand that both British Columbia and Ontario have introduced Tech Specific draws. This thing really helps focus on inviting highly skilled as well as experience foreign tech workers to live and work in Canada. There is this Waterloo region where there are over 2500 jobs available for the qualified individuals in the technological industry at any given point of time.

2. The process to become a Canadian citizen

The first stage towards getting a Canadian citizenship for most of the new immigrants is having a permanent residency. Permanent residents in Canada are entitled to many of the same social benefits as the Canada born people have. All those benefits include provincial healthcare coverage and protection under Canada’s Charter of Rights & Freedoms. In case you have been admitted into Canada under the Express Entry skilled workers’ program then you would be granted permanent residency automatically. Refugees, students, as well as other temporary or foreign workers who have not entered the country under the Express Entry program have to apply for permanent residency before they can progress to citizenship. Also, this condition is a must.

You can be a permanent resident for your entire stay in Canada in case you choose to. But, many immigrants opt for more permanent step of becoming a full-fledged and permanent Canadian citizen. In order to become a Canadian citizen, you must have lived in Canada for at least 1,095 days in the previous5 years. Not just this, you should also pass a language and citizenship test. Canadian citizens get a lot of additional rights that permanent residents do not have. All these include the right to vote and run office, travel on a Canadian passport, hold government jobs and a guarantee they will not lose their status in Canada no matter what.

3. You can fast track immigration in case you are a skilled worker

Express Entry is a program of Canada immigration which is especially for skilled workers. This particular program aims to process new immigrants in six months or less. Before you actually fill out an Express Entry profile, get sure and know if you would be eligible under one of the federal programs for skilled workers. In case you qualify then go ahead and complete your profile and pay the relevant fees. This would be the first step to immigrating to Canada and post that, keep in mind to complete your Express Entry. You will also need to be prepared to take a language test as well as have your education credentials and experience assessed. After you have completed all the above mentioned steps, your profile will be evaluated and then you will be placed into the Express Entry pool of candidates.

4. Canada is searching for educated people

Nowadays in Canada, employers and owners arelooking for recent graduates from top universities, colleges, and schools who would like to live and work in Canada. They are looking for people are able to contribute to its thriving economy. So you can have an added advantage if you are a top university graduate and this would, in turn, increase your points for the program.

5. Lunch breaks are short

Canadians work extremely hard, and most of them decide to eat their lunch in front of their computer only alongside working. Most of the company policies in Canada stipulate that lunch breaks are just 30 minutes long when compared to other countries where it is around an hour. Although lunch breaks are shorter, this really does not mean that the extra half hour is not given and disappeared. It is, rather, generally broken up into two shorter 15 minutes breaks which the employees can take throughout the day. This allows them to get up, stretch their legs, and have a bit of a walkabout or a cup of coffee with their colleagues.

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