Canada: Travel Checklist 2022

Canada: Travel Checklist 2022

Canada is one of the most immigration-friendly nations. It is also a beautiful place to visit, having a variety of natural wonders, historical monuments and diverse cultures. Most importantly, it's the favorite destination for students.


While most immigration applicants get a Canada tourist visa quickly, many applications often get rejected due to incomplete forms and incorrect documentation. There are some essential aspects of a Canada visa which will make immigration easy. It is always advised to consult a Canada Travel Visa Consultant.


Canada travel checklist, according to the new Canada immigration rules as of today:


1. Check your passport expiry dates

2. Buy travel insurance 

3. Have your mail held

4. Make a photocopy of official documents 

5. Essential ID documents

6. Passport

7. Electronic Travel Authorization 

8. Proof of insurance for medical, luggage, and civil liability

9. Valid driver's license and international license

10. Credit/debit card and Cash in Canadian dollars

11. Exchange vouchers and booking reservations 

12. Health booklet and vaccination booklet


ID cards are mandatory for the students, and retired applicants should show their pension slips and retirement proofs along with the above documents for a tourist visa.


Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)?


Applicants from a country that does not require a visa and would be air travelling to Canada need eTA, travel document or should inform Canada visa application center before their travel time. 

Visa Application Procedure

One has to download the visa application from the IRCC website. Then submit all the documents, pictures, fee receipts, passport copies, and other documents. 


Travel Itinerary

A complete plan of the trip you are making, including to and from air tickets. Mentioning the places the individual is going to visit should be provided. And a detailed description of routes of travel during your visit to Canada should be noted.


Visitor Visa Rules

One can visit Canada with a visitor visa but will not be allowed to work or indulge in any commercial activity, which will get you to enter the labour market when you have a visitor visa stamped in your passport.


A person whose visit visa will stay up to 6 months in Canada after being stamped in the passport. They have to leave the country before the permit expiry date.


Requirements for a Canada visa applicant are:


1. Must have a passport

2. Must provide the travel itinerary and to and from air tickets

3. Must have no criminal record

4. Must have enough funds to support your stay in Canada

5. Must have good health

6. Must show proof of job, family, and financial assets  


An invitation letter is not compulsory to applying for a visitor visa. It is an added document to strengthen your case and prove to the immigration officer that you are visiting Canada to meet family or friends or from Canadian citizens who invited the applicant.


One can get a temporary resident visa based on certain factors. Foreign nationals who would like to visit Canada for leisure and tourism purposes, to meet family and friends and for business purposes will come under this category.


The process of applying for a Canada visa involves the following steps:


Step 1: Download the visa application 

Step 2: Attach all the documents supporting the application

Step 3: Pay the visa processing fee and biometrics fee 

Step 4: Submit your application 

Step 5: Give your biometrics (fingerprint and photograph) and visit the embassy or consulate

Step 6: Upon reviewing your background check and eligibility, you will receive your decision.

During the review stage, the immigration department may also ask for additional documents. 


The following cannot be done even if the individual has a visit permit:


1. The applicant cannot study with a visitor visa and opt for a student visa by getting a study permit in the country.

2. They are not allowed to work in Canada as they do not have a work permit for the country.

3. The individual is not permitted to stay in Canada permanently.


If submitted online, there is no problem with courier and mailing. The online process takes less time, and the visa applications can also be easily revised.


The CIC government has started with an online process and a paper process. Visa application through the online process can be better. The individual can get updates in the online account directly about the visa status.