Do I Need A Permit To Study Online In Canada?

Do I Need A Permit To Study Online In Canada?

Canadian Universities are laid out and work under local and regional government contracts, besides in a case coordinated by First Nations groups and in one more by administrative regulation. Most state-funded colleges in Canada are individuals from Universities Canada (which was previously known as the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC)). Study In Canada has become a lot simpler because of the relative ease in Canada immigration. A number of undergraduates come here every year to learn at the absolute best universities in Canada.


With online learning becoming the new standard because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been considerable confusion about whether or not a permission is required to study online in Canada. 


Your program will determine whether or not you need a study permit to study online in Canada. In the following situations, you may not need a study permit for online studies in Canada: 


1. Distance education 

You cannot apply for a study permit to study in Canada if your educational program comes under the banner of distance learning. Distance learning by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is a method in which a student does not have to be physically present when the instruction is taking place. It's crucial to distinguish distant learning from courses or programs that are temporarily unavailable due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Say that your distance learning program has to finish in Canada (ex. in -person exams, tutorials). If this is the case, and the course is longer than six months, you will need a study permit for the portion of the program that occurs in Canada. 


You can study in Canada on a guest permit if you take a totally distant learning program. Similarly, if you already have a work permit in Canada, you can complete your distance learning without applying for a study permit.


2. Programs lasting less than six months 

You will not need a study permit to study online if your educational course in Canada is six months or less. Foreign citizens who want to attend a six-month or fewer program of study in Canada do not need a study permit, according to Canadian immigration legislation. 


Even if the study period is only six months or fewer, foreign nationals need to apply for a study permit. If they need to continue their studies, they will be able to renew or amend the conditions of their study visa with ease.


3. General interest/ self-improvement courses 

You may not require a study permit to study online in Canada if you wish to complete a course that is of broad interest to you or for the aim of self-improvement. A non-academic course, such as a general interest or self-improvement course, is one that is taken for non-academic purposes and does not usually lead to a degree or diploma. 


Because these courses are not considered studies under Canadian immigration legislation, they do not require a permission.


4. Audited courses 

You may be able to study in Canada online without a study permit if you are auditing an academic course without claiming credits or the ability to claim credits in the future. 


Exemptions from the law 

Minor children living in Canada, family members and private employees of diplomats, and members of the Foreign Armed Forces in Canada are among those who do not need a study permit to study in Canada, whether online or in person.


Studying in a Designated Learning Institute in Canada 

It may be worthwhile to obtain a Canadian study permit for people studying online from outside of Canada. Many international students come to Canada to take studies with the intention of applying for a Post-Graduate Work Permit. If you plan to study at a post-secondary level in Canada, check to see if your school and program of study make it on this list of Canadian DLIs. 


Some students who take a Canadian course online from outside of Canada may be able to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit after completing a huge part of their study (PGWP).


A PGWP, which can last up to three years, allows a foreign graduate to work in any job in Canada. A PGWP's duration is determined by the tenure of an international graduate's study. 


Canada has enabled international students to count time spent studying online outside of Canada toward the length of their PGWP since the COVID-19 pandemic. This policy was extended till August 2022 at the end of November. That means that any time spent studying online outside of Canada until August 31, 2022 can be counted toward the length of a PGWP.


It's worth noting that you must be on a valid study permit to count this time toward your PGWP. Canada has continued to provide study permits to international students who seek to study in the country.