Are you looking for a permanent residence abroad and searching for the best immigration consultant? Or are you seeking a work or study permit abroad and looking for best Canada immigration services? Whatever the reason may be, we are sure there is some level of uncertainty as well as anxiety involved with the process of immigration in your mind. In case you find the process complex and perplexing, you will need a very good immigration consultant who can help you in and out through the challenges by providing genuine guidance.

Immigration rules and laws keep changing year to year and it is arduous to go through all of this without an external help. Now, the question is- How would you choose the best immigration consultant? Don’t worry, we are here to help you with it. Here are a couple of tips you need to consider before selectingthe best Immigration Consultant.

Tips to Choose the Best Immigration Consultant:

1. Check the Basic Information

  • Recognition: Make sure that you check that the immigration consultant you are selecting is recognized by or registered with the local government bodies. Not only this, ensure that it is registered with the immigration regulatory body of the country you are moving to.
  • Physical Office: It is always safe to approach firms that have a proper office setup and a dedicated client servicing team for your purpose. Choosing an independent agent without any physical location to go to is a huge risk to take as there is no credibility involved.
  • Reputation: Doing a proper background check is literally the simplest way to judge the health of the consultancy as well as their reputation in the industry. The best way to review their credibility and authenticity is through word of mouth reviews in the market. To choose one of the best immigration consultants, make sure that you seek reviews from actual people who have worked with the agency rather than plainly relying on written reviews and testimonials that are mentioned on their website as it can be phony.

2. Interview the Consultant as Transparency is Key

We understand that choosing to immigrate to another country may be a life altering decision to you and that is why, selecting the best immigration consultant is of utmost importance. It is very important that you interview the consultant. This will help you evaluate all crucialaspects like their competency, affordability and how committed they are to helping you in your immigration process. A good immigration consultant will always be willing to answer any question you have in your mind.

Some basic questions that you can ask the consultant that you are looking forward to choose should be based around their experience, credentials, registration, etc. All this should be as per jurisdiction and you should extensively ask them their contact details and the pricing. Also, the consultant should not hesitate to give you any of the possible references, when asked, in order to display their credibility. It is quite important that the consultant comprehends what is at stake and help you with genuine care as well as empathy.

3. Go through their Website and Refund or Cancellation Policies

Another thing you need to confirm is that does the firm have a well updated website and social media presence? If they do, then have they clearly mentioned all the details that concern you and the services you are seeking? A company website is known to be the face of the company which expounds the client what they are all about and so, the best immigration consultants will have a neatly crafted and informative website.

4. Experience and Success Rate

Since immigration rules keep changing every now and then, you should always choose an immigration consultant that has an exhaustive knowledge as well as experience of serving their clients well from a long time. Such firms will be really adept at handling unprecedented situations and this in turn will save you a lot of time and money.

Most importantly, experience breeds trust and once you have done the initial work of researching a well experienced and trustworthy consultant, the rest will automatically follow.  A high success rate is literally the best indicator of the consultant’s knowledge, competency, skills and experience in this particular field. So now that you how to choose the best immigration consultant, let us look at some tips on how to protect yourself from related frauds.

5 Tıps to Protect Yourself from Immigration Fraud

1. We suggest that you should never pay anyone any money after talking to someone just on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp. This is simply because an immigration professional would never conduct business and charge people just on the basis of social media. A real immigration consultant would use email as the main method of communication or for all the formal confirmations. Also, a professional immigration consultant would never use generic emails such as or in order to conduct business.

2. An immigration professional would always ask clients to sign a Retainer Agreement before conducting any business so make sure that your consultant also does this.

3. Protect your money and remember that the government will never call you and ask you to deposit money into any personal bank account. If they say that the is asking you to transfer money through a private money transfer company that it is a big alert that fraud is taking place with you.

4. Next tip is to always double check who you are dealing with. Simply make a Google search for that person’s name and his associated company. In case you see any other conflicting results like different phone numbers, email address, address, person in photos then contact all the people using that same name. Then you will get to know who the real one is.

5. In case it is a Regulated Government Immigration Consultant with a valid license to practice, then go to the government’s official website or download their app. Post that, search the name in the public register and click on “Contact”. Here you will be presented with the real contact details of the person the imposters are claiming to be.

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