Top 20 Canada Immigration Consultants In India

Top 20 Canada Immigration Consultants In India

Immigrating to another country is undoubtedly a life changing event. It is very imperative that you do your research before you invest in an immigration consultant. The consultants play a great role in your chances of immigrating abroad and we understand this very well. Hence we have come up with this blog that includes the list of top 20 Canada Immigration consultants in India. With the help of this list, you can opt to maximize the success rate of your application by almost ten times.


1. Canada Immigration

Canada Immigration is a top notch consultant that is based in Bangalore, India. It has built a customer focused Canadian immigration consultancy which stands tall and high in the competitive market. It is committed to helping its clients achieve their dream of living in Canada by rendering professional, regulated, and efficient immigration service.

2. Visas Avenue

Visas Avenue is a very prominent and best immigration consultant in India that has skilled and talented people in the whole visa process. It has offices in various places of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. Visas Avenue has a team of highly qualified and experienced client service managers. Their team provides services to immigrate into Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Denmark but especially to Canada. 

3. Kansas Overseas

Kansas Overseas is one of the most famous consultancies that has a well experienced team. They are well equipped with efficient and result oriented service offerings. They comprehend client’s aspirations and also work with them to make the best choice for which they offer a wide array of immigration services all across the globe. They offer immigration services to countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Denmark, UK, Hong Kong and many others. They have their office branches in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag and Mumbai. 

4. VisaMint Overseas Services

Since its inception, this consultancy has strived to offer a one stop solution to all the migration related as well as visa related services to its clients. VisaMint is among some of the most reputed Immigration consultants that can give the best immigration advice out there. The foundation of VisaMint is led by individuals who have over ten years of domain competence. This consultancy's mission is to offer authentic visa services with 100 percent transparency in the whole process. 

5. Taurus Infotek

Taurus renders superior quality services with diligent documentation which is handled by their dedication team. Taurus has a special IELTS training institute with highly qualified coaches. They have only one branch in India and that is in Pune. 

6. Akkam

Akkam is in today's time, one of the leading immigration consultants in India. They made it to the list of top 10 most reliable immigration consultants in the year 2017 and 2018. Other than immigration and education services, Akkam also deals with business and investment visas. They strive hard to be a client-friendly company and this is why they are the favorite of so many clients out there. 

7. Allied Visa Services

Allied Visa Services is a professional Consultant or Agent that is based in Mumbai, Baroda as well as Ahmedabad. They provide consulting services on various fronts including how to apply for a Canada Visa. They also give personalized training sessions and this has proved to be extremely effective in professionally presenting the case to the Canada Vice Chancellor. 

8. Global Tree

Global Tree Overseas Education and Immigration Consultancies is one of the best immigration companies. It provides assistance to students who want to pursue their education abroad in Canada. It is a one-stop solution which provides support to the students through services of immigration consultants. They advise them on decision making of universities and colleges to apply to, guide them through the application process, coach them for successfully completing the required gateway exams and much more. 

9. Prominent Overseas Careers

Prominent Overseas Careers is a very popular company that has a team of visa and immigration consultants. They experts have experience in almost all the types of visa documentation and immigration services. They carry out their services of, say, a visa process in a really simple manner. It is considered as one of the most trusted immigration and Visa Consultancy in India. 

10. Abhinav

Established in the year 1994, Abhinav is one of the oldest immigration consultants. It is  well-equipped and result oriented as it understands the customer needs. They know that students or professionals want to acquire the best pathway to grow their career and that is why they exist to make the overall process quite smooth. 

11. Matrix Immigration and Visa Services 

Matrix Immigration & Visa Services is a top Canada Immigration Consultancy. They have trained counselors who are very well experienced. All their experts have an expertise to assist clients in university selection and visa processes. 

12. Y-axis:

Established in the year 1999, Y-axis has been serving customers all across the globe and now it has acquired the first position in the list of top immigration consultants in India. Y-Axis mainly focuses on visa documents and green card processing services. Other services that they offer are work visa, study visa, investor visa, tourist visa and all other types of visas. 

13. Rao Consultants:

Based out of Gujrat, Rao consultants has become very popular in the recent years. Its journey towards greatness began with a single step and that was to help students hoping to go abroad and create a masterpiece out of their life. Rao Consultants' initial intention was to help students gain quality education abroad and that is why they hugely succeeded. They mostly deal with Student visas and Canada Immigration services and provide assistance all throughout the country.

14. Davies and Associates

Davies and Associates are one of the most reliable consultancies in the services of immigration. They are located in Bangalore, Mumbai as well as New Delhi in India. They specialize in providing Canada Visa to their clients all across the globe. They deal with all types of transfer visas be it family visas, cross border solutions, business visas, citizenship, etc. 

15. Xiphias Immigration

Xiphias Immigration is a top Canada Immigration services consultancy and is recognized all over the world. Be it about Express Entry or Skilled Worker, Self-employed, or Business person, Investor or Family Class, Student or State Sponsorships; they help through all things to everyone irrespective of the type of work and transfer.

16. Phoenix Global Resettlement Services 

Phoenix Global Resettlement Services is a trustworthy consultancy that is located in multiple cities in India including Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. They offer consultancies and immigration services for study as well as employment in Canada, UK and Australia.

17. Nationwide Visas

Nationwide visas has a big team of analysts and documentation department with a view to determine the success of the process. They offer transparent information about the eligibility as well as the process. They have their branch office at Delhi in India and they provide immigrantion services not only for Canada but also for other countries. 

18. Croyez Immigration

This agency is one of the fastest growing immigration companies in India. It has its branches at many places including Chennai. It evaluates a client's profile with legal advisers before actually filing the application. Not only this, it also offers assistance to corporate and individuals for any particular travel or consultancy work. 

19. Collabs Immigration

This immigration agency is a complete online visa solutions provider which has a huge client base. It is one of the fastest growing immigration consultants in the country at present. It provides immigration assistance across more than 30 countries having its premises in Delhi, India.  

20. AANDC Immigration

AANDC immigration renders a full range of services that are necessary to streamline the process of immigration into over 30 countries including Canada. Their holistic solutions are made possible because of their competent team of immigration consultants, lawyers and personnel deployed to represent their clients before any relevant authorities.


Above all were the Top 20 Canada Immigration Consultants in India. Trust us, they are the best immigration service providers who can surely help their clients reach their goals. Finding the best out of so many promising companies is surely not a two minute task. But don't worry, we are here to help you out with all the queries that come your way to immigrate into Canada.