Top 8 occupation in demand in canada post covid 2021

Top 8 occupation in demand in canada post covid 2021

The Canadian economy is recovering from the devastating effects of COVID-19. This tendency is projected to continue when restrictions are eased through 2021 and the virus is contained. Despite the fact that a second wave of COVID-19 has swept through much of Canada, the economic impact has been significantly less severe. If you were laid off as a result of the economic slump, there is reason to be optimistic because 7 out of 10 firms in Canada plan to rehire lay-off workers once the crisis has passed. So at the this point of time, all you will be looking for is a Canada Work Visa Consultant.

"Globally, firms have pivoted to find a path forward," says Randstad Canada, a human resources powerhouse.

"This has resulted in a large-scale shift to remote work, increased use of digital collaboration tools, new and improved health and safety requirements, and updated office and workplace layouts, among many other changes."

According to Randstad's 2021 jobs estimate, the following are the major trends in the Canadian labour market and the top jobs linked with them:

  • Customer service representatives, delivery drivers, IT and help desk specialists, procurement and supply chain specialists, and warehouse staff are being shifted to online sales.
  • Administrative assistants, IT specialists, security analysts, and architects are among many who have made the transition to working from home.
  • Extraordinary demand for vital retail personnel, procurement and supply chain specialists, cleaners and maintenance workers, and warehouse workers.

The workplace is shifting as we reach the 'new normal' in 2021.

Companies around the world have shifted gears in order to chart a new course. Among other things, this has resulted in a large-scale move to remote work, increased use of digital collaboration tools, new and enhanced health and safety rules, and modified office and workplace layouts.

Most industries have a positive outlook for 2021. There is a job out there for you if you have a strong and specialised skill set. So if you have skill and interest then you must get in touch with Canada work visa consultant.

8 Jobs is in Demand after Covid Restrictions


1. The administrative assistant

COVID-19 has resulted in an increase in work for numerous divisions within businesses. Health and safety, legal, human resources, and accounting are just a few of the departments that have seen increased activity as a result of the issue. Administrative assistants are needed to help with general office support, answering and redirecting calls, data entry, accounting assistance, and a number of other clerical activities. If you aee looking for this role then you must check the details and also consult Canada immigration office in Hyderabad.

2. Representative of customer service

While many individuals are working less, customer service representatives have been working harder than ever, managing long hours and dealing with emotionally distraught consumers. Customer support representatives are in high demand right now. Customer service quality can have a long-term impact on business, and refunds or cancellation policies may not be enough to keep customers pleased. Customers nowadays prefer to speak with a live person rather than an automated message when they call.

3. Sales representative

If you have a natural talent for sales, 2021 could be your year, as sales associates are essential for both B2C and B2B sales. Despite the fact that e-commerce-driven sales have grown in popularity, for those who prefer to buy in-stores, sales associates provide an interpersonal connection for customers as well as vital product expertise. If you're communicative and outgoing, you'll have a lot of options, especially in critical industries.

4. Driver

Drivers of all types were in great demand prior to the pandemic, and this tendency is projected to continue as a result of COVID-19. This is especially true for truck drivers, who are among the first responders, delivering critical medical supplies to hospitals and keeping shop shelves stocked across the country. This also applies to delivery drivers who are in charge of food and packages. You'll be in high demand whether you have a commercial driver's licence or a G licence.

5.Clerk for accounts payable and receivable

Every financial transaction has two sides: processing invoices and outgoing payments and receiving incoming payments and assets owing. Businesses require good cash management and a clear grasp of their financial status amid the crisis now more than before. The majority of these positions now allow for remote work. You are needed if you have familiarity with accounting software and the ability to calculate, record, and maintain financial data.

6Certified nursing assistant

There was already a nursing shortage in Canada prior to COVID-19. When you combine this with the pandemic and an influx of patients in need of critical care, you have an overworked RN staff. According to predictions, Canada would require over 60,000 nurses by 2022 just to keep up with the ageing population and the demands in already overburdened departments such as surgical, paediatric, and neonatal. That doesn't even take into account the demands of new COVID-19 patients.

7. Manager of projects

Project managers are a valuable asset to businesses across Canada. From building good virtual environments for working remotely to ensuring teams are collaborative and achieving deadlines, creating non-traditional ways of doing business, and handling change with confidence, there is something for everyone. Though project managers are in demand across many industries, those with a background in IT, manufacturing, or construction are in high demand.

8. Labourer in general

General labourers are in high demand throughout Canada. They can work in manufacturing, logistics, construction, assembly line labour, and packaging, to mention a few industries. There are more jobs than businesses can fill, thus there are opportunities to work as a general labourer. There is no scarcity of work to be found if you are open to contract positions and variety in your daily workload.


In Canada, labour demand and immigration go hand in hand. Economic immigration is specifically intended to address labour shortages and assist Canada's long-term economic prosperity.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are paths to permanent residence designed specifically for employees in these in-demand occupations.

To begin with, all of these vocations are classified as "skilled labour." That is, if you are eligible for any of the three Federal High Skilled programmes: the Canadian Experience Class, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, or the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you can utilise your job experience to apply through the popular Express Entry system.

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