What you can expect regarding immigration to Canada in 2021

What you can expect regarding immigration to Canada in 2021

Information regarding Canada immigration has always been a hot topic for all those planning to shift to Canada for its various job opportunities and premier educational institutions. The best way to find yourself with all information regarding the process of Canada immigration 2021 is through Canada immigration consultants. A simple search of Canada immigration services near me can help you discover the best and most affordable Canada immigration services.

Pandemic and immigration

The pandemic has also severely affected the Canada immigration process, after welcoming 341,000 new immigrants in the year 2019, Canada continued to accept and house number of immigrants till early 2020 but the immigration system was completely sacked when COVID-19 emerged as global issue in the March of 2020.

The pandemic forced countries to shut international travel to contain the spread of the virus and Canada was no exception .Canada’s Covid 19 travel restrictions have been in play since March of 2020, thereby putting an upper ceiling on the number of foreign who can enter the country. However, it is also important to note that the Express Entry system, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) and other forms of immigration processing continue to function. The fluid and uncertain nature of the coronavirus crisis means that much remains uncertain as to what we can expect from Canada’s immigration system in the year of 2021.Although some of these uncertainties will also work in the favor of the future of those planning to shift to Canada in the year 2021.

It is obvious that Canada’s immigration system will not return to normal until after the pandemic is over. With constant efforts by the scientist community, fortunately, the end of the pandemic is in sight due to the makingand approval of several vaccine across the globe.As a fact, Canada began the largest vaccination drive in its history in December 2020 with an aim to vaccinate all those who want their COVID-19 inoculation complete by September of 2021. Out of various forces at play, Vaccinating Canada’s residents which will help ensure the Canada immigration process to return back to normal. The other part is ensuring that all those foreign national entering Canada in the year 2021 have received WHO recognized vaccines, to help contain the spread of the virus.

Travel restrictions imposed in Canada in the 2019 show us a glimpse of how these restrictions will only lift in parts in the following years of 2020 and 2021 .For example, Canada could very well continue to keep its 14-day quarantine law and requirement to have a negative COVID-19 test before travelling into Canada in order to contain the spread of the virus with the territorial borders of the country.

New prospects

It is also important to note that the pandemic although has levied s number of restrictions on foreign nationals, although Canada has doubled on its efforts to ensure the smooth transition of its immigrants into its own country. Sources claim that, ‘Under its new 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan, Canada aims to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants per year, which is the highest levels in its history.’

The target the Canadian federal government wants to achieve might seem too ambitious however it also is a testimony to the commitment of its friendly immigration policies and ready acceptance of foreign nationals. It also suggests that the government will continue to process applications. The reason for this is simple, that while Canada might not be able to achieve the number of immigrants it physically wants to call within the borders of the country, it can still continue to process applications so that immigrants can enter in the years preceding, with all their legal formalities already in place.

With wide scale inoculation drives being conducted across the globe, it can severely help Canada lift its travel restrictions. While there exist only some travel restrictions as of 2021, it is largely possible to go to Canada from India. According to a website ‘The rationale behind the 2021-2023 Immigration Levels Plan is that a significant increase in Canada’s newcomer intake is needed to support Canada’s post-COVID economic recovery’. With the help of inflow of international students and new workers the economy can see a much needed boom.

The IRCC (responsible for Immigration, refugee and citizenship of Canada) has confirmed that the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) lottery for 2020 intake will occur in early 2021.

As a matter of record ‘Up to 10,000 applicants will be invited to submit sponsorship applications to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada’ and later the IRCC will invite 30, 000 of its applicants to sponsor their spouse and grandparents’. As of 2021, the official website suggests that ‘Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launched the SDI 2020 funding process in 2020 to 2021’ and an investment of 100 million is in action to ease its immigration service and Funding will begin in the fall of 2021 and run until March 31, 2024.

The Honorable Marco E. L. Mendicino, P.C., M.P., Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship also said that “Settlement services play a fundamental role in Canada’s immigration system. From work to housing to language training, they set newcomers up for success. During this challenging year and a half, I think it’s safe to say everyone has needed support in some form or another. One can only begin to imagine the additional hurdles this pandemic has presented newcomers trying to start their lives in Canada. These new SDI projects will help us enhance and improve settlement services so every newcomer can reach their full potential here.”


The process of Canada immigration 2021 is now in full swing and it is advisable to connect with a Canada immigration consultant for more information. It is also advisable to check the IRCC website for constant updates regarding the Canada immigration process.Apart from this we can only hope the years following 2021 will prove to be less turbulent and more people will be vaccinated by then.